What Do Domestic Assault Trials Look Like?

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Domestic assault is a serious offense, and it is a charge that can leave you with a lot of questions. You may have no idea what the court process entails for both the victim and the person who has been accused of assault.

So, what can you expect from the trial process? And how can an attorney help you along the way? Here's what you need to know.

Arrest and Arraignment

After somebody is arrested for domestic assault, the accuser will give a statement during the initial investigation. Generally, the individual accused of domestic assault first appears in court the next business day for an arraignment, the reading of the charges.

The judge also sets the bail during the arraignment. If the accused gets out of jail, they are free to work with a domestic assault attorney who can help them fight charges. After this step, the investigation will continue. Both parties may be interviewed about what happened.

Pretrial Court Meetings

Before the trial begins, there are a few steps taken to try to resolve the issue more quickly than going to trial. The defendant will be able to look at the evidence with their attorney and assess what kind of case is being laid out. After both sides review the evidence, they can make a decision.

For example, the defendant and their attorney might agree to a plea deal if the evidence looks pretty strong. If the evidence is weak, the prosecutor could even dismiss the charges. It is during this time that it is important to listen to an attorney. Domestic assault attorneys understand the strength of the evidence available.

Domestic Assault Trial

The final stage is the trial. During the hearings, evidence will be shown to the jury and judge. The jury will make a decision about the defendant's fate based on the evidence presented. This is the stage during which having an attorney is most critical. Failing to hire an attorney means that the evidence is not presented in a way that appeals best to jurors.

Domestic assault attorneys understand the impact of these types of cases on jurors, and they know how evidence can appear to jurors. Domestic assault attorneys know how to defend against allegations of violence and abuse.

Consult With a Domestic Assault Attorney

Even if you understand the trial process, it is important that you understand the impact hiring an attorney can have. A professional can help you prepare for every step along the way.