Pursuing Long Term Disability Benefits

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Becoming disabled can devastate your quality of life by depriving yourself of the ability to work to support yourself while also preventing you from enjoying the full use of your body. Unfortunately, applying for long term disability can be difficult as people will not have the information needed to effectively utilize long term disability benefits to support themselves through this process.

What Information Will A Long Term Disability Lawyer Need To Review Your Case?

Hiring a lawyer that works on long term disability cases can be the first step in ensuring that your rights are protected and that your case is as strong as possible. To assist these attorneys in representing you, there is some information that will need to be given to them. For example, any medical records that you have detailing your injury or condition will be needed. If the condition is the result of an accident, you may need to provide any accident reports or other records that will detail the incident that led to the disability. When you are unable to provide these documents, it may slow the process of applying for these benefits as the attorney may need to procure these records before they can start the application.

Will You Start To Receive Payments Soon After The Claim Is Approved?

The process of applying for long term disability will be long, and it can be common for individuals to find that their disability claim may take months to be fully processed and approved. While this can be frustrating, the disability payments will start very soon after the proceedings have finished. Furthermore, you may receive back pay to account for the time when your case was being processed. You can help to minimize this time by avoiding mistakes with the application as these mistakes may lead to the entire claim being rejected or it needing to be resubmitted. Once the claim has been approved, the date that the first payment will be sent should be clearly stated.

What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play In Long-Term Disability Applications?

As part of the process of settling the disability claim, it may be necessary for expert witnesses to testify. These professionals will serve as neutral parties in assessing the condition and disability of the applicant. As part of this process, the applicant may need to undergo an evaluation with one of these professionals. During this assessment, the applicant will need to be honest as overplaying their symptoms could harm their credibility while underplaying these symptoms may lead to the patient's condition being incorrectly assessed.

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